The majority of global asset owners are implementing or evaluating ESG considerations in their investment strategy, and the number of signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment has grown more than 25x since its 2006 inception.


ASC ESG Solutions is designed to demystify the ESG landscape and amplify your ESG programs to retain investors and attract new clients.  By developing effective ESG communications and assisting in the creation and implementation of new initiatives, ASC ESG Solutions will help enhance your ability to compete for potential mandates and better secure existing allocations.


ASC ESG Solutions is led by Senior Advisor Pete Murphy, whose experience in ESG stems from work on the development of IRIS, a standard means of assessing social and environmental performance used by more than 60% of the impact investing market. Pete supported the integration of IRIS with a suite of other ESG standards and frameworks including SASB, GRI and others. He is a strong believer in ESG integration as a means of mitigating risk, driving return and influencing a shift toward a more sustainable world.

Services include: 

Audit of Collateral and Approach

Establishing and Communicating ESG Policies and Processes 

Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting

Developing Responsible Investment Annual Reports

Reputation Management

Trend Benchmarking

Internal Education and Communications Related to the ESG Landscape and Corporate Developments

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